The Gertrude Bass Warner Collection of Japanese Votive Slips (nōsatsu), 1850s to 1930s
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[Votive slip folio 5 verso]

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  • unknown (creator)
  • Two pairs of two unit votive slips, both with a red group mark (Hakkakuren) at the top and an advertisement for Sennyoko on the top right-hand side. The upper quadrant of each part contains fan frames with scenery. Both slips include the name Utashige. On the left slip, the group mark reads fifty-three stations (Gojusan-tsugi) and the fan is decorated with red maple flowers and pink cherry blossoms and depicts two hills and travelers crossing a river. Three slips are under the fan: the pink one reads Okitsu, the yellow one reads Okitsu red snapper (tai), and the green (blue?) one reads Fudo[sa]. The bottom quadrant on the left contains a depiction of a red snapper. The right slip reads Tokaido on the group mark. A post town alongside of the ocean with some ships are depicted in the fan frame with a castle, decorated with camellias and chrysanthemums. The three slips under the fan read Yui, Kurasawa grilled turban shell (sazae no tsuboyaki), and Eki ○, respectively from the right. The bottom quadrant contains two turban shells.
Work Type
Cultural Context
  • ink and color on paper
  • 7.25x9 cm
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  • unknown
  • 759_9521_U737_J_012
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  • 759.9521.U737.J
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Submission Date
  • 05/11/2017
  • 07/11/2022


Hiroshige nosatsu 53 stages of the Tokaido, University of Oregon. (28 Sep 2023). [Votive slip folio 5 verso] Retrieved from


Hiroshige nosatsu 53 stages of the Tokaido, University of Oregon. "[Votive slip folio 5 verso]" Oregon Digital. 28 Sep 2023.


Hiroshige nosatsu 53 stages of the Tokaido, University of Oregon. "[Votive slip folio 5 verso]" Oregon Digital. Accessed 2023-09-28.


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1 Hiroshige, Ando
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5 Yui >> Shimizu >> Shizuoka-shi >> Shizuoka >> Japan
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7 University of Oregon. Libraries. Special Collections and University Archives
8 Gertrude Bass Warner Memorial Library. Japanese Art
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