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Our Sun's Family

Our Sun's Family
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Pottery Tiles Pavements, Tile Concrete art Public art mixed media ceramic tile
Wolfston, Betsy
This piece consists of painted ceramic tile that has been laid into the concrete of the courtyard in a wide spiral pattern. Betsy Wolfston; orchard ct 2002 The Oregon Arts Commission has ten Regional Arts Councils that provide delivery of art services and information. The Council for this location is: Linn-Benton Arts. You may view their website at: http://www.artcentric.org/
Orchard Court Apartments >> Benton County >> Oregon >> West >> United States Benton County >> Oregon >> West >> United States
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3401 N. W. Orchard Ave., Corvallis Oregon
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Wolfston, Betsy
handmade spiral block out 180 linear feet
Ceramic art; Mixed media concrete 4 inches thick with fiber mesh; white hardener applied to concrete surface; 12 hand made tiles 1 inch thick; paver bricks commercial grade
Oregon Percent for Art
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Oregon Percent for Art
2002 Oregon State University Orchard Court Student Family Housing 2002_osu_orchard-ct
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slide; color
University of Oregon Oregon Arts Commission
To view a map of the artwork location in context to Oregon State University, see http://oregonstate.edu/cw_tools/campusmap/locations.php circular gathering area of Orchard Court Housing
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The principal theme of the proposed artwork is *Our Sun's Family.* The central design element is an inner and outer spiral of recessed brick and tile, representing the inner and outer solar system. I created custom tiles that include various images, from our world to Pluto. There is something of delight to explore, for people of all ages. I hope this overall design is one of timelessness, which combines images of the past, the present and the future, together in a spiral of cyclical renewal. The center ring is set with yellow rays of custom tile to represent the sun, stamped upon these tiles is a quote from Black Elk, Native North American- *Any where can be the center of the universe*. From A-Z, a little bit of everything is found from each letter of the alphabet in the spirals. Here is what I have found so far, see if you can find them and then add more to the list! A-ANT, ACORN, ADRINKRA SYMBOLS (FROM GHANA-WEST AFRICA), ARABIC B-BIRDS, BUTTERFLY, BLOCKS, BAMBOO, BABY C-CAT, CATIPILLAR, CHINESE, CENTIPED D-DRAGON, DEER, DIAMOND, DOG E-EARTH, EGGS, ELEPHANT, EIGHT-THE NUMBER F-FLOWERS, FAMILY, FERNS, FOUR, FIVE-THE NUMBERS G-GINIO LEAF, GLOBE H-HANDS, HOUSE I-IRIS, ISLAND J-JAPANEESE, JACKET, JUPITER K-KANGAROO, KINGFISHER L-LEAVES, LINER-BOAT M-MERCURY, MARS, MUSHROOMS, MAYAN SYMBOLS, MAPLE LEAF, MILLIPETE, MOON N-NEST, NEPTUNE, NINE-THE NUMBER 0-ORANGE, ORIOLE, ONE-THE NUMBER P-PEAR, PEACH WITH PIT, PAW PRINTS, PETYROGLYPH-NORTHWEST Q-QUEEN, QUAIL, QUOTE R-ROPE, RAIN, RAT S-SEED, SNAIL, STRIPE, SEASONS, SUN, SATURN, STAR, SPIRAL, SEVEN-THE NUMBER T-TREE, TIGER, TULIP, TWO, THREE, TEN-THE NUMBERS U-URANUS, UMBRELLA V-VASE, VENUS W-WHEELCHAIR, WORLD, WRITING X-XLAPHONE Y-YACHT, YEW TREE Z-ZIG ZAG, ZEBRA -- LOOK CLOSER AT EACH OF THE PLANTES THEY HAVE THEIR ASTOLOGICAL SYMBOL CARVED IN THE TILE TOO. (excerpt from artist's 2002 statement)