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The Scab Sheet, May 3, 1969

The Scab Sheet, May 3, 1969
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Although labeled as the eighth issue of the first volume, it is actually the ninth. The actual eighth issue was mislabeled by the Scab Sheet editors and cover artist, so to disrupt the labeled titles as little as possible, in this digital collection, the first is designated as 8-A while this issue is designated as 8-B. Note: Page numbers listed reflect the actual page numbers despite this issue changing the paper’s format by labeling the second page as “page one.” Page 1 The cover sheet depicts children presenting flowers to their mother, surrounded by the text “The Scab Sheet WELCOMES OSU MOMS.” The price is 25 cents total—5 cents for the truth, and 20 cents for the “Generation Gap.” Page 2 “HISTORY OF THE SCAB” A history of The Scab Sheet is described, including an explanation of the reason for its origins. “ASOSU Elections INVESTIGATED” After student concern over the handling of the ASOSU elections (covered extensively in previous Scab Sheets), a special session of the Student Senate is reported to have created a committee to investigate the charges. “CENSORSHIP” A summary of events of perceived censorship is listed, including the aftermath to the Fred Milton incident, as well as alleged corruption in the student government. Continued on Page 4. Page 3 “TENURE REVISITED” Due to the impending removal of three popular instructors in the English Department, the tenure process is criticized as unbalanced and unfair. “CREDENTIALS ANYONE?” Citing the lack of advanced degrees from several deans, a comparison between administrative positions and tenured positions criticizes tenure. “ELECTIONS SCANDAL” The ASOSU election scandal is reviewed in further detail, including complaints about the Voters Guide, the ballots, and the validity of the election. Continued on Page 4. Page 4 “CENSORSHIP (CONT’D)” The censorship article from Page 2 is concluded. “MORE ON ELECTIONS SCANDAL” Further evidence, including specific citations from the ASOSU constitution, are given as evidence towards an elections scandal. Page 5 “THE STUDENT IS A NIGGER” Gerald Farber, Professor of English Cal State L.A. In a harsh critique of the traditional strict culture of academia, Farber compares the relationship between faculty and students with the relationship between whites and blacks. Emphasizing his point with offensive language early on, Farber encourages students to stand for change. An editor’s note describes this article as a “classic” article in underground literature. The piece has several headers, which at first glance, appear to be separate articles. Continued on Page 6. Page 6 [no title] Farber’s piece from Page 5 is concluded. “ANNOUNCEMENT! ANOTHER VOICE FOR STUDENTS! RYE GRASS! RYE GRASS! RYE GRASS!” The Scab Sheet formally endorses Rye Grass, a “ magazine for the Agricultural Reform of an Agricultural College,” as it advertises its launch. “JUNIOR CARNIVAL IS FUN!!!” The Junior Weekend Carnival is advertised.
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