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The Scab Sheet, March 11, 1969

The Scab Sheet, March 11, 1969
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Page 1: The title sheet depicts an image of various people donning Ku Klux Klan outfits before a hill with a burning cross. A sign on the hill reads “Tonight: Human Rights Comm. Conviens [sic] and Gill Coliseum is behind the hill. The figure passing out the outfits is likely OSU President Jensen. A black man appears to be tied up on the hill. The artwork is explained (and apologized for) on Page 3. Page 3: “Scab Sheet Editor Speaks…” The cover artwork is explained by the Scab Sheet Editor. It is explained as depicting members of the Commission on Human Rights and Responsibilities. The Editor apologizes for the cover, indicating that it was made from personal feelings expressed 14 hours earlier, but that said personal feelings had since changed. The Editor denounces the cover artwork as “reprehensible and of no redeeming worth.” Page 5: “Phase Two: HRM…” The Human Rights Movement, as proclaimed by the author, officially disassociates itself with self-governing student groups, citing fallacy in a group dominated by majority rule, in an issue regarding minorities. The movement labels the ASOSU Senate as worthless, and identifies itself as a second, alternative student government. [no headline] An excerpt from an AP story from Kansas on March 9, 1969 speculates that the events at OSU may trigger additional movements among other college athletic programs. Page 6 “Oregonian Sucks…” The Oregonian is attacked for an editorial run on March 7 which criticizes the events at OSU, and, according to the Scab Sheet, simplifies the issue. “Barometer Exists!” The Barometer is criticized for not acknowledging the Scab Sheet. In satire, the Scab Sheet acknowledges that the Barometer does, in-fact, exist. Differences between the two papers, particularly the Scab Sheet’s cost and view points, are expressed. “NSA Offers Aid…” An endorsement from the National Student Association for ASOSU President John Frazer due to his efforts with human rights is applauded. Page 7 “ Arkansas Blacks Leave…” A recap is given of a walkout of 21 of the College of the Ozark’s 35 black students. The students walked out because of racial tension, including disputes with the school’s basketball coach over a player’s “Afro hair style.” “Fraser Steps Down…” Continued from Page 2. [Note: Page 2 is blank] ASOSU President John Fraser announces his resignation, effective March 23, 1969, while encouraging students to unit with concerned faculty members who support the human rights movement. “Oregon Senate Raps…” In a statement from the Associated Students of the University of Oregon, the ASUO Senate publishes resolutions to censure OSU coach Dee Andros, give support to students supporting Fred Milton, and its refusal to condone any athletic contests between U of O and OSU until the resolution of the prevalent racial conditions. Page 8 “OSU Jock Raps, Andros Sucks…” A white member of the football team, in an open letter to Coach Dee Andros, anonymously applauds his intentions, while simultaneously criticizing his methods. The coach is complimented for his attempts at team unity, but is accused of unintentional racism. “Student Power Ignored…” President Jensen’s authority is questioned regarding his appointment of three students to the Commission on Human Rights and Responsibilities. The author claims that the appointments were illegitimate as the authority rested only with the student government.
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