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The Scab Sheet, March 6, 1969

The Scab Sheet, March 6, 1969
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Page 1: “Black Exodus…” In a recap of the previous day’s rally, it is announced that 47 black students left the university during the rally. After an ovation from 1000 students attending the rally, the 47 students left campus through its east entrance. A statement from the Black Student Union is given regarding social and cultural background, as well as critiquing OSU President Jensen. Continued on Page 4. [no title] An announcement is given for a 2:00 rally in the MU Commons. Page 2: “OSU Blackout…” With many of the black students gone, the boycott is encouraged to continue in their absence. The Cervantes Proposal is encouraged to be voted down due to its inadequacy, while the Administrative Proposal is encouraged in its entirety. The administration, Athletic Department, Chamber of Commerce, and alumni are all portrayed in a coalition supporting “outmoded and corrupt practices of repression and discrimination.” Continued on Page 3. Page 3: “Concern for Our Brother…” A transcript of President Jensen’s April 8, 1968 address following the death of the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., President Jensen attacks racism and bigotry while giving his personal thoughts, including a mention of his own personal interaction with Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. “OSU Blackout continued…” Continued from Page 2. The black students involved in the walk-out are defended and praised for their ethical decision to leave the university. The human rights movement is heralded as the only legitimate authority at OSU. Page 4: “ASOSU President Raps…” The ASOSU President criticizes the OSU Administration for its attitude toward minority students, and the Athletic Department for disregarding the welfare of black students. “Boycott Basketball…” Students are urged to join University of Oregon students in protesting at the Basketball Civil War at OSU. A rally is advertised for Friday night at 6:15 in the MU Commons. Plans are announced for a cheering section during the game to shout appropriate yells related to recent events, with plans to have a mass exodus from the game. University of Oregon athletes had already announced a boycott of the game, while OSU’s black athletes were dismissed due to their participation in the boycott. “Black Exodus continued…” Continued from Page 1. The Black Student Union statement is concluded, after which support is noted from the University of Oregon and Portland State University. Page 5: “No Way Out…” Ed Helms quotes and editorial content describe the future of Oregon State and its former black students. The University of Oregon announced plans to consider an expeditious process for allowing such students into its ranks quickly. Helms announces his intention to resign, along with a prediction that the university would never recover. The ACLU is also revealed to be preparing a case for Fred Milton vs. OSU. “Cervantes Raps…” Cervantes comments on worries that his proposal might be perceived as irrelevant, or that it even may be irrelevant, given the exodus of black students. He admits fearing that many might view the problem as being solved, rather than fixing it. Page 6: “Barometer Sucks…” The Daily Barometer is accused of violating its code of ethics by providing unfair coverage of the recent racial events. Various dates and articles are cited in support of this claim. [no headline] The rally at the MU Commons, scheduled for 2:00, is advertised.
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