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The Scab Sheet, March 5, 1969

The Scab Sheet, March 5, 1969
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Page 1: Cover page features an unflattering drawing of Coach Dee Andros in a mock $1 bill. Page 2: “BSU Raps Jensen…” The Black Student Union’s summary its rejection of President Jensen’s proposal to end the boycott includes examples of why his plan would be ineffective, and cites boycotting professors as agreeing to continue the boycott despite Jensen’s urgings. Also included is an advertisement of a noon rally in the Memorial Union Ballroom. “Open Letter to BSU…” A letter from a “Concerned OSU faculty” member urges President Jensen and the Faculty Senate to adhere to the university’s vision by changing policy to adhere to the demands of the Black Student Union. The letter is tagged with another advertisement for a noon rally in the Memorial Union Ballroom. Page 3: “On the Road Again?” The author explains his/her reasons for leaving the university and acknowledges that rumors of student and faculty departures are true, however the exact numbers are not revealed except by announcing that the BSU will give an announcement at a later time. The author’s reasons for leaving primarily revolve around a disrespect of Coach Dee Andros and President James Jensen, with several metaphors expressing a dislike of their character. Page 4: “Cervantes Proposal…” The proposal by Fred Cervantes’ would create a committee and suspend action taken against students involved in the boycott. The proposal invokes questions of civil liberty and social injustice. Page 5: “All Faculty Sell Out?” The Cervantes proposal is labeled a step in the right direction, but is also attacked for being “far too limited in its outlook,” while a proposal by the Administration, a proposal drafted by a committee created by President Jensen, would establish a set of human rights applicable to all students, regardless of athletic status. “Administrative Proposal…” The proposal offers various solutions to problems outlined by the Black Student Union. Page 6: “Senate Backs Down…” A report indicates that the ASOSU Senate rescinded its support of the boycott largely due to representation issues. Student senators felt that to accurately represent their constituents, they could not justifiably support a boycott not supported by most of the student body. The Senate also voted to accept the first paragraph of the Administration’s proposal on page five, although the second and third paragraphs were not accepted. “Young Responds…” Mr. Alan Young of the English Department provides various comments which attack discrimination, as well as contend that “white carpetbaggers from Europe” are not true Americans. He criticizes the English Department for only condemning one member of the Athletic Department because they condemned two members of the English Department—Professor Young indicates that the ratio of condemnation would be more appropriate if condemning the Athletic Department more than the English Department. His article ends with a brief advertisement of the noon rally in the Memorial Union Ballroom. Although not mentioned in this article, Professor Young was criticized for requiring a strict dress code in his classes. Page 7: “Misrepresentation” The previous issue’s article “Beaver Coach Raps” is explained as having come from an actual article in the Eugene Register Guard. The article is defended, and comments that long hair causes germs are debunked. Claims that long hair make a helmet fit improperly are rebutted with a suggestion to buy larger helmets specially for players who have long hair. The Gazette-Times is also criticized for a claim of “coercion by blacks against blacks,” for which it had cited the Daily Barometer. “Andros, McCormack, Young Condemned” The English Department issues a statement condemning Coach Dee Andros and English professors Alan Young and Ken McCormack for requiring a certain standard of dress from their students. Page 8: “ATHLETIC COP-OUT…” The Athletic Department is criticized for not making any changes in its policy after a week of deliberation by an ad-hoc committee comprised of the ASOSU President, the Barometer Editor, the Registrar and five other faculty members, and three Alumni, whom the Scab Sheet guesses are not black. The Committee is criticized for not properly representing blacks, thereby leaving black athletes without a “just and impartial consideration of their case.” “G-T SUCKS…” The Gazette-Times is criticized for its reprinting of a New York Sunday News editorial which advocates a firm stance against the “small radical fringe” challenging campus administrators. In response to the article, Education is cited as the best avenue toward understanding that “discrepancies between ‘ideal and fact’ do exist.” “WHO’S MANAGING THE NEWS?” An article in the previous evening’s Gazette-Times is briefly criticized for its word choice, claiming that faculty “agreed” to delay consideration of the Cervantes proposal, rather than printing that just one faculty member caused the proposal to stall. “RALLY TODAY IN MU BALLROOM AT 12:30.” [headline only—no text.] “RALLY TODAY IN MU BALLROOM AT 12:30.”
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