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The Scab Sheet, March 4, 1969

The Scab Sheet, March 4, 1969
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Page 1: “The truth shall make you…” The Black Student Union tells its side of the story concerning its absence from an all-school convocation to discuss the events on campus. The BSU accuses the administration and the Barometer of using misinformation as propaganda against the BSU. Quip: “The rise of the Athletic Department to power has been a real Cinderella story. Every night at 12 o’clock, the Great Pumpkin turns into a coach.” Announcement of a 1 p.m. rally at the University of Oregon campus in support of the OSU BSU. Page 2: “Hold that line!” Continued boycott of classes is urged because of inaction in the OSU Faculty Senate to address human rights, despite appeals from the ASOSU Senate, the American Fedeartioin of Teachers, the Foreign Students’ Association, the Student Action Committee, and the Kennedy Action Corps. The Athletic Department is accused of caring about wins more than ethics, while the boycott is also encouraged to include athletic events. Page 3: “Portland State support…” Portland State University student body president Andrew Haynes, the first black student president at an Oregon college, voices his support of the boycott. “Faculty Stalemate…” A report of an emergency session of the Faculty Senate indicates that about 1000 students and faculty were disappointed when the Faculty Senate did not hold a vote after two hours of debating assistant professor Fred Cervantes’ proposal which would create a committee and suspend action taken against students involved in the boycott. “Boycott Progress Report…” A progress report on the boycott indicates that 67 professors joined the boycott, while 36 others support it but felt they could not join. Various other organizations in support of the boycott are also listed. Page 4: “EXCERPT IS FROM OREGONIAN, MAR. 1, BY W. HILLIARD” An Oregonian article explains the viewpoint of the BSU, and the larger issue of cultural identity. The article concludes with the time and location of the rally at the University of Oregon Campus mentioned on page one. “Beaver Coach Raps…” Various quotes and observations of Coach Dee Andros are compiled in an unflattering sequence. “Rally Tomorrow…” A student rally is advertised for the following day. Dick Jones, University of Oregon student body president, is advertised as a speaker for the rally.
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