Orange Owl

The Orange Owl was a college humor magazine published from 1920 to 1928 by the Orange Owl Chapter of the Hammer and Coffin National Honorary Society at Oregon Agricultural College (OAC). The magazine includes humorous and satirical pieces as well as cartoons and pen sketches created by students. A broad representation of OAC students were involved in writing, editing, and publishing of the magazine. In the 1926-1927 academic year, more than 40 students contributed materials and more than 35 worked on the managerial and circulation staffs. According to the 1928 Beaver yearbook, “… the Orange Owl represents the fun and frolic of the students and shows that college life is more than a wearisome grind. It might be called the carnival representative of Oregon State”. This collection includes all 43 issues of the magazine.

More information about the Orange Owl is available in the guide to the archival collection.