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Virgen de los Remedios

  • 2016-09-04
  • Hands, with painted nails and a silver ring, hold a picture of a women and a child holding flowers. The women holds a bunch of red and white flowers in her right, and the child in her left, while the child holds similar flowers in their left, and makes a symbol with their right hand - both are wearing flowing white dresses embellished with more flowers, and extravagent red-and-white crowns, and the women also wears a long blue veil extending from the crown. In the background to the left of the picture sits a man in blue in Adela's tropical forest.
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Rights Holder
  • Alaí Reyes-Santos, Ph.D.
  • tropicalforest_virgendelosremedios
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Series Name
  • Gathering Grounds
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Submission Date
  • 01/12/2024
  • 01/12/2024


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