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Women athletes, circa 1904

  • 1899/1909
  • Kneeling: Alice Wicklund, Eva Stoats (Mrs. F. C. Ritner), Edith Prince, Alice Jones, Maud Roberts (Mrs. H. C. Brodie), Margaret May Martin, Verna Kerker, Mary Elgin. Sitting: Ruth Lilly (Mrs. E. H. Pratt), Winnie Logan (Mrs. E. R. Woods), Maggie Maud Hays, Reta Price, Edna Buster (Mrs. J. S. Wheeler), Myrtle Harrington, Elizabeth "Bess" Yates, Mabel Stovall, Louise Gilbert. In Front: Reva Buell, Hazel Raber (Mrs. J. C. Ewing), Luella "Mary" VanCleve (Mrs. F. L. Stephens). Standing: Bess Danneman, Mary Danneman, Loene Montgomery, Laura Persinger, Alice Edwards, Lucile Roberts, Pearl Persinger, Candice Wicklund, Essie Adams, Jessie Wilson, Margaret McCormick, Gretta Harrington, Una Stewart (Mrs. J. W. Carlson), Frances Gellatly, Madeline Nichols.
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  • P009:09
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  • 08/18/2017
  • 05/30/2023


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