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Orca Surfacing

  • 1975/2012
  • This wooden sculpture depicts portions of a whale visible as it surfaces. It is rendered in a style that evokes native Northwestern influences.
  • Craig Jacobrown; SOSC Multi-Family
  • The Oregon Arts Commission has ten Regional Arts Councils that provide delivery of art services and information. The Council for this location is: Arts Council of Southern Oregon. You may view their website at http://www.artscouncilso.org/
  • http://www.themaskery.com/home.htm
  • orders@themaskery.com
  • The works of art which are found throughout the housing complex are the result of a partnership between Oregon's Percent for Art program and Southern Oregon University. All of the works of art in the complex have been created with the many children who live here in mind. They are not only wonderful to look at but, with the exception of the glass window, have been designed to encourage touching and active involvement. The challenge which the artists faced was to design environments which would invite children to invent the way the components should be used and which would be visually strong and inviting as well. (author unknown; excerpt provided by the Oregon Arts Commission, 1991)
Street Address
  • Sculpture; Wood carving;
  • second growth western red cedar with first growth western red cedar appendages (fins + flukes). Attached and reinforced with steel. Sealed with non-toxic Auro oil stealer and stains.
  • 11 feet x 5 feet x 5 feet 8 inches
Rights Holder
  • Jacobrown, Craig
  • 1991_sou_multi-fam_housing_04_a01
Accession Number
  • 1991_sou_multi-fam_housing_04_a01
  • 1991 Southern Oregon State College Multi-family Housing
  • 1991_sou_multi-fam_housing
  • slide; color
  • Nikon SuperCoolScan 5000 ED;
Submission Date
  • 06/10/2015
  • 07/18/2022


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