Angelus Studio photographs, 1880s-1940s
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View of Multnomah Falls

  • 1880/1949
  • An elevated view of what is probably Multnomah Falls. A train, with an open-air passenger car and another covered passenger car, is in the foreground of the image. Automobiles from the 1920s or 1930s are in the middle of a road in front of a large brick building. People are walking along or standing in groups in the road and are also sitting in the open-air train car. Situated behind the building is a large tree-covered cliff with a long waterfall dropping from the top of the cliff.
Form of Work
  • ORU_PH037_1376
Local Collection Name
Local Collection ID
  • PH037
  • glass-plate negative -- PH037_1376 -- ? X ? inches //
  • Archived tiff -- PH037_1376.tif -- 48 bit, Adobe RGB (1998) -- 4690 x 5918 pixels -- 600 dpi -- 166,554,096 bytes // Production tiff -- PH0037_1376td.tif -- 24 bit, Adobe RGB (1998) -- 4395 x 5673 pixels -- 600 dpi -- 149,122,080 bytes //
  • Scanned in transmissive mode with Silverfast AI 6.0 on UMAX PowerLook III flatbed scanner (Scanner B). Levels adjusted from 0 - 1.00 - 255 to 0 - 1.00 - 255 prior to capture.
  • 07/17/2023
  • 125 dpi


Angelus Studio photographs, 1880s-1940s, University of Oregon. (28 Sep 2023). View of Multnomah Falls Retrieved from


Angelus Studio photographs, 1880s-1940s, University of Oregon. "View of Multnomah Falls" Oregon Digital. 28 Sep 2023.


Angelus Studio photographs, 1880s-1940s, University of Oregon. "View of Multnomah Falls" Oregon Digital. Accessed 2023-09-28.


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