Florence M. Hartshorn photographs, 1899-1900
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PH203_29-2 Florence M. Hartshorn photographs

  • This is the second image of a six image panoramic view of Portland, Oregon. This print displays a residential district that is sectioned off in blocks that are lined with wooden sidewalks. Rows of trees line the edges of these sidewalks. Two wide dirt roads intersect in the foreground of the image. Piles of wood are visible on the right edge of the dirt road. The dwellings are multi-storied, and display multiple windows, covered porches, and chimneys. Wooden fences enclose the yards of the dwellings. Visible in the left foreground of the image is the rooftop of the Central School. Visible on this rooftop is an octagonal bell tower with a domed roof. In the distance trees, hills, and additional dwellings are visible.
View Date
  • 1878
Source Condition
  • yellow discolorization
  • 10.75 X 8 inches
  • PH203_29-2
Local Collection Name
Local Collection ID
  • PH203
Finding Aid
  • albumen print
  • Scanned in transmissive mode with Silverfast AI 6.0 on UMAX PowerLook III flatbed scanner (Scanner B). Levels adjusted from 0 - 1.00 - 255 to [XX - 1.00 - XXX] prior to capture. Scanned image enters Photoshop with negative polarity and has a reversed orientation. Archived Tiff is saved. Adobe Photoshop used to reorient and crop image, invert image to positive polarity, set and neutralize shadow and highlight point, adjust midtone contrast, and desaturate color information. Second production tiff saved, retaining adjustments layers.
  • 08/08/2023


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