Lee Moorhouse (1850-1926) photographs, 1888-1916
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Jennie Peo, with children, in camp

Alternative Title
  • PH036_4081
  • 1900/1910
  • Jennie Peo with children, in camp, or in Moorhouse yard.
  • This photograph was identified as 'Jennie Peo, with children, in camp' from Major Moorhouse. From a unidentified tribal member it is 'Mose and Levi' for the two boys and 'Jenny and Eva Van Pelt' both with a question mark next to the names. 2) A Native American woman is seated in front of a cloth backdrop, along with her four children. The woman is wearing a cloth dress, with a fringed shawl around her shoulders. She has long braids, moccasins, and a ring on one hand. She is holding an infant child on her lap. The baby is dressed in a long, white, cloth dress. Two young boys are standing on her right side. The boys are dressed in cloth shirts and overalls. The shorter boy is standing in front of the taller boy; he has a scarf or bandanna around his neck and is wearing leather boots. Both boys have very short hair. A young girl is standing on the left side of her mother. She is wearing a cotton dress with a collar and pockets, socks, and leather boots that lace up above the ankles. She has a white cloth bonnet on her head. Her face is not visible beneath the bonnet; she appears to be looking down and the bonnet is blurry as if she had moved her head as the photograph was taken. The woman's shawl hangs down to the ground and is draped behind her chair or stool and all of the children. The family is posed on top of a striped blanket that is on the ground in front of the backdrop. The cloth backdrop is suspended on the outside wall of a wooden building, with some of the wooden slats visible on the left side of the image.
Tribal Notes
  • An outside photograph of an identified family in front of a wall and a blanket for a backdrop. An unidentified woman is sitting with four children standing around her. She is holding a baby girl on her lap and two boys are standing to her right. On her left side is a girl with her head down as Major Moorhouse took the photograph moved and her head is a blur. They are on a blanket that has three strips on each side of the blanket which maybe a Hudson Bay Blanket. The woman is in a Wingdress and the children are in bibs and shirt and dresses.
Source Condition
  • surface contamination
  • discoloration
  • Joint Project of the University of Oregon Libraries and the Tam├ístslikt Cultural Institute of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla
Tribal Classes
  • Buildings
  • Outside Photograph
  • People
Tribal Terms
  • Boy
  • Scarf
  • Bibs
  • Blanket
  • Girl
  • Dress, Cloth
  • Blanket, Hudson Bay
  • Boots
  • Coat, Jacket
  • Shirt, Cloth
  • Wingdress
  • Woman
  • Necklace
  • Bonnet
Ethnographic Term
  • PH036_4081
Local Collection Name
Local Collection ID
  • PH036 / A82
Series Name
  • Series I: Glass Plate Negatives
Archival Box Number
  • 162
Finding Aid
  • Glass-plate negative
  • Scanned in transmissive mode with Silverfast AI 6.0 on UMAX PowerLook III flatbed scanner (Scanner A). Levels adjusted from 0 - 1.00 - 255 to 25 - 1.00 - 213 prior to capture.
Submission Date
  • 11/13/2014
  • 12/06/2023
  • 125 dpi


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