Sankar Chakrabarti Oral History Interview Transcript

Sankar Chakrabarti Oral History Interview Transcript
Sravya Tadepalli
In this interview, Sankar Chakrabarti discusses his life in India and Corvallis. Highlights include his discussion of his children’s relationship with India and how Corvallis has progressed in the time he has lived in the town. Interview audio:
Local Collection Name
Indian-Americans in Corvallis, Oregon Oral History Collection, 2016-2018 (OH 37)
Oregon Multicultural Archives OSU Special Collections & Archives Research Center
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Oregon Multicultural Archives
Oregon State University
Biographical Information
Sankar Chakrabarti was born in Azamuganj, India in the early 1940s. He was born during the year of the Bengal Famine and only a few years before the partition between India and Pakistan divided his home state into two countries. He obtained his PhD from the School of Physics at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research and came to the United States as a post-doc at Harvard Medical School. He worked at the University of Oregon before receiving a job at HP as an engineer, eventually becoming a peer manager. During Chakrabarti’s time at HP, he contributed to a number of projects related to ink pen development. He is married to Usha Chakrabarti and has two children, Meghna and Samidh. Meghna is co-host of NPR’s nationally syndicated news program On Point, and Samidh is now the head of civic engagement at Facebook.