Kali Furman and Eric Pitcher Oral History Interview

Kali Furman and Eric Pitcher Oral History Interview
Kali Furman
Eric Pitcher
Erich Pitcher interviews Kali Furman about her involvement with the Multiracial Beavers Oral History project. She discusses how she met Charlene Martinez, and how their relationship developed. She also discusses growing up in a predominantly white and religious community as an outsider due to her parents' marital status and atheism. ----- OSU Multiracial Beavers Oral History Project, 2016-2017 http://wpmu.library.oregonstate.edu/oregon-multicultural-archives/2017/08/04/multiracial-beavers/
January 27, 2017
Local Collection Name
Oregon Multicultural Archives Oral History Collection (OH 18)
Oregon Multicultural Archives OSU Special Collections & Archives Research Center
Biographical Information
Kali Furman is originally from Idaho and is an Oregon transplant who is a PhD in Women Gender and Sexuality Studies student focusing on social justice education with a hope to be an instructor or a full professor in higher education that can center social justice, particularly racial and gender justice. /// Erich Pitcher works for Diversity and Cultural Engagement as an associate director for research and communication.