Mixed Heritage Focus Group (general)

Mixed Heritage Focus Group (general)
Martinez, Charlene DeMaderios, Tara Johnson, Vanessa McAloney, Kim Pitcher, Erich N., 1983-
Furman, Kali
The participants of the focus group discusses their involvement in the creation of Multiracial Beavers at OSU as students, staff, and faculty. They talk about how their experiences in Multiracial Beavers changed their lives and what the most exciting part of forming Multiracial Beavers was. The group discusses what their experiences in Oregon as multiracial people were like and how it differed from the places they were from. They conclude by sharing their hopes for the future of Multiracial Beavers and multiracial work on college campuses. OSU Multiracial Beavers Oral History Project, 2016-2017 http://wpmu.library.oregonstate.edu/oregon-multicultural-archives/2017/08/04/multiracial-beavers/
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oral histories (literary works) transcripts
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Oregon Multicultural Archives Oral History Collection (OH 18)
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Charlene Martinez is the associate director at Diversity and Cultural Engagement at OSU who has worked with several multiracial organizations at various universities. She identifies as multiracial Asian and Latina; Tara DeMaderios is a recent OSU alumna, now living in the Midwest where she is perusing a Master's degree. She identifies as multiracial, mixed black and white; Vanessa Johnson is a multiracial woman who worked at Oregon State University from 2014-2016 in the Student Affairs Research Evaluation and Planning office as a coordinator. In 2016, she decided to move back to Utah to be closer to family and to peruse further education; Kim McAloney is a professional faculty member at OSU who works in the Educational Opportunities Program. She is currently a doctoral student in the College of Education. McAloney identifies as multiracial and black; Erich Pitcher works for Diversity and Cultural Engagement as an associate director for research and communication; and Kali Furman is originally from Idaho and is an Oregon transplant who is a PhD in Women Gender and Sexuality Studies student focusing on social justice education with a hope to be an instructor or a full professor in higher education that can center social justice, particularly racial and gender justice.