Vanessa Johnson and Jonathan Stoll Oral History Interview

Vanessa Johnson and Jonathan Stoll Oral History Interview
Johnson, Vanessa Stoll, Jonathan
Vanessa Johnson and Jonathan Stoll discus how they identify as multiracial people and how this identity as affected them throughout their lives. They discuss how other people related to their identities as they grew up through to the present day. Vanessa Johnson discusses growing up as a multiracial woman and how separated she became from her mother's native language, Spanish. Johnathan Stoll talks about his search for identity growing up and how disconnected he felt from his mother's heritage. They both discuss coming to Corvallis and finding community there. They talk about how their identities of changed over the years. OSU Multiracial Beavers Oral History Project, 2016-2017
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oral histories (literary works) transcripts
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Oregon Multicultural Archives Oral History Collection (OH 18)
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Vanessa Johnson is a multiracial woman who worked at Oregon State University from 2014-2016 in the Student Affairs Research Evaluation and Planning office as a coordinator. In 2016, she decided to move back to Utah to be closer to family and to peruse further education. /// Jonathan Stoll self-identifies as a "pigh" (Portuguese, Indian, German, Hungarian), who is multiracial and the father of two multiracial girls. He works at Oregon State University as the Director of Corvallis Community Relations and as the co-interim Assistant Dean of Student Life.