Asian Pacific Islander American, Mixed Heritage Focus Group

Asian Pacific Islander American, Mixed Heritage Focus Group
Martinez, Charlene Cespedes, Daniel Fifita, Hevani Defrank, Delfine Calrillo, Olivia Le, Reagan Shippen, Stephanie Bello, Makayla Al-Jilani, Marwah Tena-Encarnacion, Jason McKee, Aisha Gipple, Mackenzie
The group discusses how they identify as multiracial people and how that has affected them in their lives as well as during their time on campus at OSU. They discuss how they are perceived and treated based on their race. They also discuss how connected or disconnected they feel from their cultures. Language is brought up often as an important factor in feel as if they belong vs not belong. They discuss some of the difficulties of bringing their multiple ethnic identities into interactions with other people who aren’t multiethnic as well as some of the privileges that are assigned to them based on skin tone. They also talk about how similar their experiences are and how grateful they are to have a space in which they can be multiethnic people. They end the discussion by writing down their name and a word they feel that they are on an index card which they share with the group. OSU Multiracial Beavers Oral History Project, 2016-2017
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Charlene Martinez, associate director at Diversity and Cultural Engagement; Daniel Cespedes, an employee within the Office of Finance and Administration; Reagan Le, associated director of the Asian and Pacific Cultural Center; Stephanie Shippen, an employee within Counseling & Psychological Services; Hevani Fifita, Delfine Defrank, Olivia Calvillo, Makayla Bello, Marwah Al-Jilani, Jason Tena-Encarnacion, Aisha McKee, Mackenzie Gipple, all OSU students at the time of the interview.