Bella Bose Oral History Interview Transcript

Bella Bose Oral History Interview Transcript
Sravya Tadepalli
In this interview, Bella Bose talks about his experiences growing up and going to school in India and the challenges of going to school in the United States. He also discusses how the OSU computer science department has changed and grown since he arrived in 1980. Interview audio:
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Indian-Americans in Corvallis, Oregon Oral History Collection, 2016-2018 (OH 37)
Oregon Multicultural Archives OSU Special Collections & Archives Research Center
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Oregon Multicultural Archives
Oregon State University
Biographical Information
Bella Bose was born in a small village in India in 1950. He moved to the United States in 1977 to do his PhD in 1977, coming to Oregon State University in 1980. He is currently a professor and Senior Associate School Head of the School of EECS. His current research interests include error control codes, parallel processing, and computer networks. He has two children, Sonia and Varun.