Eldurkar Bhaskar and Sucheta Bhaskar Oral History Interview Transcript

Eldurkar Bhaskar and Sucheta Bhaskar Oral History Interview Transcript
Sravya Tadepalli
In this interview, Eldurkar and Sucheta Bhaskar discuss their lives in India and their journey to the United States, particularly touching on issues of race and identity as Indian-Americans. Interview audio: https://media.oregonstate.edu/media/t/0_kixxctml
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Indian-Americans in Corvallis, Oregon Oral History Collection, 2016-2018 (OH 37)
Oregon Multicultural Archives OSU Special Collections & Archives Research Center
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Oregon Multicultural Archives
Oregon State University
Biographical Information
Eldurkar Bhaskar was born in Chennai, India, in Tamil Nadu in 1942. He came to Corvallis for the first time in 1969 to do his master’s degree in solid state devices. He moved back to India after completing his degree, but moved back to Corvallis in 1980 to do his PhD and work at Hewlett-Packard. While he did not manage to complete his doctorate, Bhaskar made significant research contributions at HP to technology contributing to the creation of the inkjet printer. Sucheta Bhaskar was born in Vellore, India, in Tamil Nadu in July, 1949. Before living in Corvallis, she worked in India as a preparatory (kindergarten) teacher. After marrying and moving to Corvallis, Sucheta worked as a preschool teacher. She is married to Eldurkar Bhaskar and has two children, Jayant and Jyoti Bhaskar.