The Scab Sheet, 1970

The Scab Sheet, 1970
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Universities and colleges--Periodicals College students Vietnam War, 1961-1975
Page 1 The title page shows a very rough sketch, presumably of a soldier standing before a body. Before the soldier is possibly a bonfire with bodies inside. Page 2 “MAYBE” Jamie Proffit Philosophical questions are addressed, specifically regarding this being “your world” and other questions of the importance of being self-aware. “BALLROOM RAP” Al Brown A meeting of 1000 students is reported to not be a strike, but rather a gathering to plan non-violent activities. Students were urged to go to church and contact their ministers and mothers, asking them to preach “Thou Shalt Not Kill” and ask questions of “What if I had been at Kent State?” [no title] Advertisement for the Student Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam. Page 3 “ONLY IN AMERICA---“ Carl Sromsness Inaccuracies are reported regarding an NBC report that 429 campuses are closed due to strikes, including four in Oregon. The actual number in Oregon is claimed to be 11. This inaccuracy is used to attack NBC and estimate that up to 1000 schools are on strike, not 429. Page 4 “NO MORE MARATORIUMS M.K. The case is made that foreign aid disguised as military spending is the most American activity of the day. The case is made that all U.S. troops should withdraw from foreign soil, ROTC should be disbanded, Bank of America dissolved, and “armed killers” such as the National Guard and police force be disbanded. [no title] Duke Bendix The author encourages “real love” in the form of following Jesus Christ. “PURPOSE OF ‘A MODEST PROPOSAL FOR LIFE’” Issued by the Coordinating Committee of Associated Students on May 7, 1970, goals of a non-violent community are established. Page 5 “A LEGAL PLAN” Eric Carty Readers are encouraged to protest outside government buildings on campus, specifically the USDA, USDI, US Weather Bureau, and ROTC, among other Federally-supported programs. “WHY WHEN THE SUN SHINES” Diann A poem questioning guns, knives, and violence. “Y + A I = E F” Richard Habin and Steve Nelson A formula is given to help encourage the non-support of corporate America. The formula is: You, in being Actively Involved, can be an Effective Force. An example given is to boycott Coca-Cola sales on campus. (Continued on Page 6.) Page 6 [no title] Conclusion of ““Y + A I = E F” on Page 5. “A MODEST PROPOSLA FOR LIFE Berry Hobby Pleading is made for others to join an anti-violence protest as the idea of violence is attacked due to recent action in Cambodia. “WHY ARE WE HERE?” Al Brown The need for the existence of OSU is questioned because of the United States invasion of Cambodia. Various rhetorical questions are asked, such as “What does this mean?” The university system is blamed for many of the problems.
Anti-War Vietnam Scab Sheet
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