The Scab Sheet, April 9, 1969

The Scab Sheet, April 9, 1969
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Note: This is the first issue of the Scabsheet to address issues unrelated to the 1969 Black Student Union Walkout as it criticizes the use of computers for class registration. Page 1 The title sheet depicts a line of students waiting to enter OSU Computer Service. The exit sign is above a slot with people-shaped paper shooting out of it on to a stack, which is situated on a cart labeled “Programs.” The paper is made to represent the punch cards used in computer programming during 1969. Page 2 “Computer Registration Sucks” A new computerized registration format is criticized because, while helpful to the Registrar’s Office, prevents the student from choosing a preferred instructor in multi-section courses. The official policy is reprinted in full. Continued on Page 3. Page 3 “Computer Reg. Sucks (cont’d.)” The official policy is continued and labeled as “inhumane.” “The American Renaissance Symposium Exists” Quenching rumors of its non-existence, the American Renaissance is defended, while the Student Activities Committee is reprimanded for refusing to recognize its existence. Citing state policies, the symposium’s importance is defended. Continued on Page 4. Page 4 [no title] Defense of the American Renaissance Symposium and attack on the Student Activities Committee is continued. “Here We Go Again?” Citing an approved portion of the Administrative Proposal, actions of basketball and football coaches are questioned after members from both teams (race unspecified) are reported to have been informally suspended until adhering to grooming standards. The cases are reported to have been recommended to the Commission on Human Rights and Responsibilities. [no title] Famous quotes are altered and attributed to the Student Senate in a satirical attack. [no title] A poem uses satire to criticize the computers referenced in the Page 2.
Registration Scab Sheet
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