Motor Torpedo Boat PT-658 (Portland, Oregon)

Motor Torpedo Boat PT-658 (Portland, Oregon)
Motor Torpedo Boat PT-658 (Portland, Oregon)
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National Register of Historic Places (Listed, 2012)
Officer’s Quarters, looking to port side (left)
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6735 Basin Avenue
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Navy and Marine Corps Reserve Readiness Center, Swan Island (Portland, Oregon)
University of Oregon
Built during World War II in 1945 at Higgins Industries Boatworks in New Orleans, PT-658 is a fully-restored and -operational example of a rare 625 Class Higgins Patrol Torpedo Boat (PT Boat). (Photos 1 and 2 of 12) Only 36 boats of this type were constructed. PT-658 is floating on the north bank of the Willamette River, housed in a custom-built boathouse at Swan Island in north Portland, Oregon. (Photo 3 of 12.) Constructed almost entirely of wood, the V-shaped planing hull is fitted over mahogany frames and constructed of spruce and mahogany planks with canvas between the two layers. The main feature of the deck is the Deckhouse, which is located on the first third of the boat, (Photo 4 of 12). The space contains the Chartroom, Radar Room and Helm (steering and propeller control station). Two circular 4-foot diameter plywood machine-gun tubs are set on either side of the Deckhouse, and the radar mast is centered behind it. Weapons mounted on the deck include machine guns, cannons, depth charges, torpedoes, and a smoke generator canister. The interior of PT-658 is divided below deck into eight watertight compartments separated by built-up plywood bulkheads (walls). Listed in order from bow to stern, they are: Forepeak (Chainlocker), Forward Crew’s Quarters/Galley, Officers Wardroom, Forward Tank Room/Head, Engine Room, Aft Tank Room/Head, Aft Crews Quarters and Lazarette (Rudder Room). The Engineroom contains three model 5M-2500 Packard V12 marine engines. The first three compartments after the forepeak and the last three in the stern are joined by four functioning watertight doors, but separated by the engine room which can only be accessed by ladder from the deck. The period interior is constructed almost completely of painted wood and retains a high level of integrity, including the retention and/or careful restoration of the fully functional electrical system and interior fixtures and replication of the original interior paint scheme. This image is provided by the Oregon State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) and the UO Libraries to facilitate scholarship, research, and teaching. Please credit the Oregon State Historic Preservation Office when using this image. For other uses, such as commercial publication, please contact the Oregon State Historic Preservation Office.