Jean Moule - Oral History Interview Part 3

Jean Moule - Oral History Interview Part 3
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African Americans Education Racism
Moule, Jean
Fernández, Natalia
Jean Moule, professor emerita, OSU College of Education, begins by describing her journey to OSU’s College of Education doctoral program and explaining her activities as a student including her participation in the 1996 student boycott; Moule recalls her feelings and specific experiences of her treatment on campus; she then explains the development of the courses she taught as well as her transition to a faculty member; Moule continues by explaining the Immersion Program she initiated along with her overall workload and continued curriculum development regarding multicultural issues in education – for additional context and depth, Moule includes excerpts from student reflections. In the second half of the interview Moule discusses the book she authored, the tenure and promotion process, and her overall relationship with her department. Throughout the interview Moule describes the challenges she overcame during her time at OSU, specifically the racism she endured, and she reads from an article in which she states various racist scenarios and how to “lighten the load.” Towards the end of the interview, Moule explains one of her favorite activities, geocaching, and she concludes the interview by reading the 2003 commencement speech she gave to OSU graduates. Original Collection: MSS Jean Moule Papers; for more information: Blog Post to be added Audio File via MediaSpace:
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Oregon Multicultural Archives, OSU Special Collections & Archives Research Center
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Oregon Multicultural Archives Oral History Collection (OH 18)
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